Saturday, November 11, 2006


Ergo proxy

Another anime to definitely watch. Some people find it pretentious, I find it immensely interesting. Yeah the lead female, she has the hot goth going for her. She is badass too, reminded me of ghost in the shell. This is one of those mind fuck genre series like Lain. I do think Lain was hopelessly fucked up and incomprehensible. Anyway, watch Ergo Proxy, wow!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Oh anime!

I have not posted about anime in a while. So yeah I have seen a lot to the detriment to my life. I spent the whole night watching madlax did not get to bed until 7:30 am.
Madlax is a lot like noir but a less annoying. It still a bit repititive like noir and the music is not as great as in noir. I prefer madlax nonetheless.
Tenjou Tenge that was a guility pleasure, nothing I like best than seeing women with huge boobs in voluptuous clothing kicking ass. Although the anime is stupid.
Jubei chan is funny, although jubei herself is one annoying chick.
Bakuretsu Tenshi, this anime sucks. Ok Gonzo officially sucks. They can't come up with a good story or at least good characters but we are treated to women in voluptuous clothing acting like little girls. Even worse, the nipples show through the clothing, I think this is first anime I have seen that have nipples shown. At least we have a tomboy kicking ass but she goes on saving Meg rapages. Meg SHOULD JUST DIE ALREADY, USELESS BITCH
Azumanga Daioh. Ok this anime is cute, but it is annoying. I can't watch more than 3 in a day without feeling like I am doing die from death of a 1000 cuteness.
Absolutely lovely xxxHOLIC anime. this is new but the colours in the anime are beautiful, the story line is great it is basically like hundred stories but a lot less macabre and a lot more cuteness thrown.
Blood+, start watching this if you haven't with I think is going be 50 episodes. This show is great. Basically revised vampire action, it is supposed to a creative take on Blood the last vampire movie.
I am tired but I have seen many more. Maybe I should start learning japanese, maybe not!


that Go thing again

Ok I spent time in the go club last night. Still not getting a hang of Go. I played 13X13 game with 3 stone handicap. I lost spectacularly. It was a fighting game. I spent a lot time being led around the the board. I do not give a lot of sente moves. I always get sucked in the life and death fights that involve large groups. I think life and death is fun, it is like a race. You feel so proud that you have secured life but that usually comes at the cost of the whole board analysis. Anyway, so I have a long summer ahead of me then.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


bumming around the music department

It is almost the end of the school year, which means there are a lot of senior and DMA recitals going on the in music department. I am fortunate that the music school is right next door to the physics department, wtf planning is that? Needless to say I have been going to a lot of recitals lately. I go largely because of free food afterwards. Yeah I am a shameless bum but free food is free food. Of course the food is not substantial, mostly wine and cookies but if you pick the right recitals, it could be a treasure trove.
White people do not know how to throw a party. I guess all they know is beer kegs. Their receptions tend to be wine, cookies and veggies. I am a bum, I am hungry, I cannot survive on cookies. Exception, if the recital is done by a graduate student, the receptions tend to be a little more lavish I guess it is a lot work preparing a graduate recital.
Asians especially koreans throw a good reception, especially if they bring all their church people along even better.
How do I navigate the awkwardness of being a reception where I know nobody and everyone else seems to know each other? I don't. Food can be quite engrossing, concentrating on finishing of plate of sushi, chicken wings and strawberries is a lot of work.
And yes I do care about the music except when the student decides to play some modern indigestible crap. Piano can get boring except if it is Bach, Bach is God. Female voice is fine as long as they do not spend the whole time singing Strauss lieder and german art songs, schubert lieder is tolerable. I do not care for woodwinds that much unless piece is baroque or the piece is jazz inspired. One of these days I have to go to a percussion recital. I love classical guitar but recitals in guitar quickly degenerates into playing modern art crap that borders between rock music that the industry rejected and music that the avant garde vaguely accepts.
I am an elitist when it comes to music, the more classical it is, the better!


Go musings

Ok, Go is hard. Much harder than I thought it would be. The other day I got caught in the dreaded ladder in a 13X13 game. My thoughtless was such that I did not realise that I was in a ladder until 6 stones into the ladder. You can imagine my shame. Nowadays I prefer to solve games than play games. I am afraid of losing games. That fear is actually preventing me from games on KGS. I am going to have get over the fear some how.

Sunday, May 07, 2006



I am rather ashamed to admit that it took watching Hikaru no Go anime to get me interested in playing. I remember playing a game a couple years ago. The game did not make an impression on me. Besides I have had bad experiences playing chess. I have never won a chess game before. I have been dreadfully afraid of playing chess. For some reason I like Go. I guess it is because it is conceptually simpler and yet so full of possibilities. Chess struck me as too complicated.
I especially like being chased in Go game. My heart races, as I feel cornered and the eventual euphoria of living.
No word yet how good I can be in this game.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Brave woman criticising muslim protests of the danish cartoons on Al-Jazeera

This is a rather electrifying video clip of a woman named Wafa Sultan with no hijab and with short hair giving a daming critic of the muslim reaction to the danish cartoons. Watching it gave me goose pimples, I was elated. I wish we had more people like her, not excitable childish muslim organisations that see islamophobia in the cartoons blind to the intolerance in their own religion.
I can't get over how muslims in colleges expect not to be offended and we are supposed to cave in to their childish demands not to be offended. We have to be "sensitive", I mean this is bullshit. There is always some story of some college muslim organisation protesting islamophobia in the cartoons, so much so that no one can have a debate. Multiculturalists are such pussies, even worse self-serving relativistic pussies who are willing to sacrifice civil liberties on the altar of sensitivity.
People keep saying freedom of speech is not supposed to insult other religions or groups which of course is the stupidest thing I ever heard. If freedom of speech can't allow for burning sacred cows, why do we need freedom of speech? To talk about how lovely islam is ? It is the conservatives are defending the cause of freedom of speech. The left critique is always prefaced with a "but", but muslims are being discriminated against in Europe, but Europe generally has hate speech laws, but noone is allowed to deny the holocaust in Europe. Sure, does of any the caveats invalidate the principle of freedom of speech? The left will stand for everything except the core principles of civil liberties because there always has to be nuance. It is this nuance that irritates people because it is seen as spineless. You can't even defend your principles.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


What I like

As you all can see I prefer shounen. I am a sucker for swords or samurai crap. I am a sucker for blood. The only Shoujo I tried was Ayashi no Ceres, that left me with a bitter taste, never again! I do like some cute stuff, Zettai shounen and Rozen Maiden comes to mind. Given my perchant for shounen, I am tired of the typical anime male hero, I do not like how women are portrayed. I do not like brash people who shoot their mouth about saving the world and people. I like a bit of a hard-ass quality. People who do not care so much for saving world but following their own internal ethic. I can't stand supposedly strong anime females who are useless in a fight. I know they are supposed to give spiritual support or healing. Damn it, I want to see some bitches kick ass. Just give me BLOOD!


Peace maker Kurogane, Hellsing

I have gone through all of Peace Maker Kurogane, it is okay, people compare it Kenshin. I kind of prefer it to Kenshin. It has only 26 episodes, and it ended with a lot of undeveloped lines. Clearly it was intended to be a longer series. The main characther Tetsunuske is the typical shounen male, the annoying brash guy who tries to save everybody and fight above his ability. He would have annoyed me greatly, another naruto or worse another now and then, here and there. But he grows, which is important. He grows and learns unlike naruto. Fuck naruto never learns or grows.
I saw Hellsing. I want more, I want more, I want more. The series was damn good. I am starting to like the vampire genre incredibly.


Berserk anime

Okay found another anime that is equal to the gore fest to basilisk. This anime is relatively old, 25 episodes, from 1997. Be warned the anime only covers 12 vols of the manga, and ending in the anime leaves you wanting more. Although there is a lot of violence, unlike basilisk, the violence is not senseless, it does not leave you feeling empty. The main characther Gutts who carries a long-ass sword is a very good fighter. The anime is set in medieval Europe, Gutts is a mercenary who has had a life. The first episode is really the last episode in the series. Gutts gets himself part of mercenary band led by a charismatic guy, Griffith and assisted by a female commander Caska. Griffith is filled with visions of greatness, he feels he can ascend the heights, he uses his mercenary band to help win a 100-year war. In the beginning, Gutts is a loner who does not believe in anybody, towards the end, he is very much his own person, but he accepts friendship and companionship. Caska spent half the episodes trying to win the best groupie award for Griffith which is quite annoying. Caska hates Gutts at first because Griffith places an inordinate amount of trust in him which makes her jealous. But Caska grows, she becomes more mature and I liked her very much in the end. Being the only female in war band, the anime does a nice job of showing her physical strenght. But she does cry a lot actually but she gets her shit together. Griffith is of course the pretty boy commander whom everyone likes. I have to say there are couple of gay moments in the series . Particularly when Gutts leaves Griffiths after 3 years in the war band, Griffith seduces and sleeps with a virginal, naive princess, to placate his broken heart. I thought to myself, that is so gay, hell, it is cute too.
There is a rape scene in which Caska as a young girl is about to be molested. Griffiths the knight in shining amour comes to her defense. You would think he would smash the molester to bits. Get this, he throws a sword to Caska, and tells her, if she has something to protect, she should fight for it and of course she goes on to kill the would be rapist, her first kill, shaking with fear. I liked this particularly because this is a very unique angle on the whole guy saving the virginal girl angle. I cannot recall any anime or film in which the would-be rapist is not beaten to a pulp by the male hero. But here, Griffiths gives her the sword, leaving her to decide her fate in effect he treated her like a man. I was pleasantly surprised.
Yes there are disturbing rape scenes in the series. But I would say watch the anime because the characthers change and grow. This anime is seriously badass.

Sunday, January 22, 2006



When I started watching saiyuki, I thought the show was stupid. Cliche characthers, bad drawing, plot development was harried and syrupy. The four main characthers grow on you. The only reason i watched it was because it was funny and bad. A monk, sanzo who is a royal asshole, a pretty boy, gojyo with red hair who likes to flirt and drink, a young boy, goku who likes to eat and is brash, another guy, hakkai who could pretty much pass for your mom are traveling to west to India to save the world so to speak. You can already see that the characther are overused cliches. The fights are not great, there is a noticeable lack of blood. The main bad guy is a woman who is a bitch but seems rather weak. There is nothing worse than a bitch who is physically weak in my book. The interaction between the foursome is great but repetitious. Between Goku endlessly proclaiming he is hungry and fighting with gojyo, and the monk ever so slightly come close to kill the two, out of frustration and hakkai being the mom, the show is funny. Of course being all anime guys, they excel in everything except being able to talk about what they feel towards to each other. It is an art, being able to show that one cares about someone and still being an asshole at the same time. I would say watch the anime for fun and don't be too critical about the artistry and the plot development.


real reason why people prefer subbed vs dubbed anime

While I was watching a noir dub, I figured out why people prefer subs. The real reason is ANIME IS STUPID, plain and simple, anime is stupid. The dialogue is stupid. Listening to anime in english, only reminds us that anime is stupid. Stupid things sound cooler in japanese simply because we do not understand japanese. This rather dawned on me especially while I watched a Saiyuki dub where you hear lines like "Let us haul some demon-ass!". Watching a sub of saiyuki was not nearly as entertaining as watching the dub. The dialogue was stupid but fun. The dub was probably not a faithful translation but the liberties taken with script was funny because it was so retarded. Of course, I ask myself the question why oh why, me an adult would watch such a show. Lesson of the day, stupid things sound better in japanese.

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