Friday, June 24, 2005


summer school

What do physicists do in their spare time? Go to summer schools. Well I am in summer school learning about crap I do not want learn, no actually want to learn, perhaps. Haven't gotten around to my field theory yet, spending too much time pretending to learn crap and watching tele.

Monday, June 13, 2005


last final

Well I had my last final in Quantum Mechanics. It sucked, I guessed I should have studied more. Oh on a good note that is last serious final in my schooling. And now I have to read some quantum field theory. I have taken a year long course in QFT and I cannot talk intelligently about anything in that subject. I was thinking that as I reread QFT, I would write short vignettes on what I have studied. "QFT in a nutshell" the vignettes would be called after the textbook by Zee. I would be reading Ryder and Peskin though.

With the final done, my first year as a grad student is officially over. Supposedly the first year is the hardest, personally I have had fun. The one good thing about grad school are the people one meets especially in physics. Now my colleagues will be scattering to the four winds as they get to work on their respective projects. The years get lonelier though.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Let's see if I am going to follow this through

This is going to be a physics blog most of the time and of course with some rant and raving interjected. It is probably going to be more ranting and raving and less physics as time goes on. I am very lazy so postings will be sporadic.

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