Tuesday, July 19, 2005


QFT in a nutshell

I am slowing but surely trying to read QFT. I found a great book Griener. Personally I find Greiner to be disorganised and verbose. This book is ok if you want to see the math worked out in its gory detail but one can get lost in the math in that book. I am still reading Ryder and Peskin and Schroeder. I am going to start reading about path intergrals. I have had enough reading of QED.



People blog for various reasons. I have found that I do not like blog about my personal life. It is private, unless I have something to say that is insightful I won't blog about my personal life. Some people write basically online diaries which is fine, unless they forget the social contract. The boundary between private and public domain is increasing blurred. Before one goes throwing away the artifice of private and public domain, one has to know why it was there in the first place. I am reminded of a NYT article I read in which a women wrote about reading her babysitter's blog and was shocked to read to about her sex life. Obviously the babysitter didn't only blog about her sexlife, she blogged about other things but the mother only bothered to write about the scintillating parts. She writes also that babysitter gave her the blog address. After reading people responses to the article, everyone seemed preoccupied that the mother only cared about her babysitter's sex life. I say why not? Yes the babysitter has a right to have sex with whomever she wants but I have a right not know about it and when I do know about it , it will freak me out. And of course the mother kept reading the blog, because she became a voyeur. Maybe not a voyuer, afterall it was published on the web. And of course the mother was equally as shameless as the babysitter in writing about the blog in the NYT and firing the babysitter when she had enough to read, well maybe not she still reads the blog.
Details of our personal lives cannot simply be put for whole world to see and expect that the world understand. Or worse that now we talked about our lives without the confines of public and private domain, we have an aura of friendship and understanding. If you want to someome to understand you, take the time to be their friend which only works some of the time. That does not mean giving them your diary the first day you met them, you will freak them out. One sees movies nowadays, e.g the film sunset with ethan hawke. These people are complete strangers and they spill their guts to each other. Who in their right mind does? One cannot take simply take shortcut to trust and understanding. You have to earn the trust, you have to show me in your deeds that you are a worthy person to have as a friend.
Those who write personal blogs should think of their blogs as paper diaries. They should imagine themselves carry that good old fashioned diary giving it to their parents, give to their boss, give to their enemy.

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