Wednesday, August 10, 2005


spending spree

It seems Bush has decided to sign into budget the new highway bill . And the Alaska the third least populated state according to msn gets the fourth largest share of the bill thanks to their representative Don Young. Apparently he is going to have a highway built in his honor in Alaska. The bill seems to be a whole lot of pork. Bush should have vetoed the bill, but of course he is spineless and he isn't going to veto it, so much for being a fiscal conservative. Somehow he thinks that it will be provide more jobs and stimulate the economy. Oh yeah last I heard, the economy needs more highways. And of course, having the public sector provide more jobs in transportation will stimulate the economy. Oh wait, he has not vetoed a single since he came in office, if I am correct. Well I hope at least some of the money goes to building an efficient railway system like in Europe but that is just wishful thinking. But we will get more useless highways to comfortably pad our growing number of vehicles and increasing urban sprawl. I can't believe how much our taxes pay for so much bullshit.

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