Friday, August 05, 2005


a veritable mess

I was reading arts and letters daily earlier this morning. They have a link to an article on Saudi Arabia and terrorism in The Atlantic. It is a very depressing article to read. It certainly shakes your faith in the american government. There are too many interests to protect, and it seems that Bush government or that matter any elected official are too interested in protecting their special interests rather deal effectively with terrrorism.
We were cajoled into Iraq under shady reasons. And it turns out we have created yet another unstable country which was otherwise stable before we went it. We are stuck there, we can't leave because that would leave Iraq in chaos. But with our charactheristic short attention span, we have to leave. Then we realise our armed forces stretched way too thin. There is China and North Korea to contend with, the mess that we have allowed to fallow in Saudi Arabia is still breeding all the terrorists that Osama wants. And surprise, surprise after the government lying to us, nobody in their right mind wants to join the military, the recruiters are having a hard time filling their quotas. This is a veritable mess, we can't deal with the real terrorists, we are stuck in Iraq in what really is a diversion, a smoke screen.

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