Tuesday, September 20, 2005


at last some physics

So everytime the air conditioner blows, the drapes that I thumbtacked to wall blow away from the window which is really weird. I have been thinking what processes are going on, to cause that. There is a couch by that window too. One has to consider what sort of air currents must be happening in order for the drapes to blow away from the window. The vent is quite far from the window. I can only imagine that as the cold air reaches the window, since it is more dense, it displaces the warmer air, these set up current by the edges of the drapes. Behind the curtain, warmer air is trapped as opposed to the front of the curtain where the warmer air can reach the ceiling.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


sloth is my name

I just watched 4 8-hour marathon sessions of naruto. If you guys are into anime, this is one, you definetly should watch. It is that good. On a more serious note, the main female characthers are wimpy and crybabies and that pisses me off.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


more on katrina

I started thinking about my disaster preparedness, what I would do if sudden calamity struck. I am not prepared at all. Anyway, katrina bring individualist in me. Be prepared. You are responsible for yourself and your family. Waiting for other people to bail you out or *gasp* the government to help you is doomed for failure. Besides if one is prepared, he or she is in a position to help other people. As much as the government failed the people in New Orleans, the people are still very much responsible for their demise. No one should go through life, without thinking for themselves and being resourceful. One needs to be aware of their station in life and their surrounding. It is one thing to be aware and it is quite another to be resourceful.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


2 cents on Katrina

I think Katrina has convinced me of massive tax cuts, massive federal tax cuts that is. And of course massive state tax hikes. The federal government is a black hole in terms of money, efficiency and accountability. Katrina proves that the state of Louisiana cares more about the flooding in their state than the federal government. I think it should be that way, giving more and more control to Washington over the things like disaster planning and relief is a very, very bad idea. Have you noticed how much easier and effective it is to express discontent at your state and local rather than the federal government? The state of Louisiana start around and waited for the federal government to respond. I think the state of Louisiana were lax about their preparedness because they thought the federal government would take care of it. The state wasn't prepared, the federal government was inefficient and slow.
Cutting the bugdet of the federal government, allows the federal government to be leaner and keep their functions spare. Raising state taxes would allow more work on what is most important to their constituents. More importantly, it is easier to see the flow of money on the state and local level.
I am just afraid that after Katrina, more and more people are willing to give more control to their lives to the federal government. You will start to hear more calls for more funding and to make the federal government more and more responsible for disasters. This I think is the wrong direction.

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