Saturday, November 19, 2005


Ayashi no Ceres

Ok I watched a shoujo anime called ayashi no ceres today. That was bad. I realise now that I do not want to watch shoujo anime ever again. The storyline was compelling, but I did not give a fuck about the main characther, Aya. She cried a lot, she cried and cried and cried. Then of course, when she is not crying, she is getting herself all twisted in rather complicated romantic situations. The men going around forcing themselves on women because "oh I am a man, I need to show my feelings, so I am perfectly entitled to surprise kiss a girl without consent", such bullshit. And of course there is the fact that Aya has two personalities, she is celestial being. Her family tried to kill her after realising that she has magical powers. Some manly men stay by her side to "protect her" from the evil family that want to use her powers. There is a robe thing that keeps the celestial half of aya from leaving earth. Half the series is the celestial half of aya, her name is ceres asking for her robe. At some point, you just wished, she got her robe and left. By the time I finished the series, I was saying to myself, "die bitch die' bitch here referring to Aya. I wished all the manly men just died and went to pretty boy heaven. Oh yeah, this Aya girl gets herself pregnant at 16, she is so fucking naive about it. Aya was so fucking naive, it was annoying.
All in all, the story is compelling, a celestial being forced to be reincarnated over several generations because her husband hid her celestial robe. She wants to wreak vengeance on the family, which would be her descendants. But the family for obvious reasons, kill off any of the female children at their 16 birthday if they show signs of being the reincarnated celestial being. Obviously Aya managed to escape. I could not stand the emotional bullshit in the series. I guess that is why the anime is shoujo afterall.

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