Monday, December 19, 2005


Otogizoushi, tokyo arc

I finished the tokyo arc. Ok Hikaru is annoying. Good thing Mansairaku bitched slapped her, that was the most satisfying slap ever. The arc is ok, I prefer the Heain-Kyo arc, it was at least pretty to watch.



For all ya anime watchers out there, you better get your hands on Basilisk. If you enjoy hack and slash, you will like this one. The anime is rather hard to find too. Seriously, someone dies a horrible death every 1 or 2 episodes. If you care about any character in the series, they will die. It will not end well, I can promise that much. At the start of each episode, there is a great line, "My beloved, prepare to die!" 2 ninja clans are in a bitter feud. There was a covenant of peace imposed on them, the covenant has been broken because the head guy Ieyasu Tokugawa of all people, wants the strongest among them to succeed a title. He has 10 ninjas from each side kill each other, which clan remains standing, is the winner. Of course the clans Koga and Iga couldn't have been happier, they are seething with hate for each other, now is their chance to obliterate their enemies, a little like battle royale. But the heirs of the respective clans love each other and it seems that the heirs are the only ones strong enough to kill each other. Good stuff, not for the faint hearted.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005



I just saw the heian arc of the anime. It has a nice story, Hiraku female takes on the quest of her sick brother to retrieve all the magatama. She pretends to be male with her adventure companions. She is not weak, she weilds a japanese style long bow. The series weak on developments, stories line go too fast. Hiraku who calls herself Raikou. She can be annoying. At the end of the arc, she finds that her enemy was man she loved. And as you guess, stupid woman can't even bring herself to kill him even though he is the cause of millions of deaths and the deaths of some of her companions. Stupid woman! She resorts to emotional appeal, which results in the death of both her lover and her. Yep, can't kill him, so you kill both yourself and the guy, and you wonder why some people don't want women in the military. I am sure some women will find this ending perfectly touching and something to swoon about. I find it disgusting. Don't go about saving the world if you can't even commit everything in your disposal. Suicide is stupid, suicide for a bad guy because of love is even stupider.
So yeah I will go on to watch the rest of the episodes.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Tales in physics

Did I mention I hate book on relativity by Weinberg? If you looking for books to read on relativity, read Schutz or Carroll not Weinberg. String theory, eh polchinski sucks, the book I mean. The book sucks, it is so obtuse. Man! I wish Zee wrote a book on String Theory.


From literature to American foreign policy

So do you connect the dots between plays in literature to how screwy american foreign policy in a speech? Ask this guy , Harold Pinter giving a noble prize speech for literature. This guy talked about how literature is good to how America sucks. Some people do not understand that there is a time and place for everything. Using the platform of the noble prize for literature to criticise American foreign policy makes you look like a bombastic ass. Harold Pinter, you are an ASS.

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