Monday, December 19, 2005



For all ya anime watchers out there, you better get your hands on Basilisk. If you enjoy hack and slash, you will like this one. The anime is rather hard to find too. Seriously, someone dies a horrible death every 1 or 2 episodes. If you care about any character in the series, they will die. It will not end well, I can promise that much. At the start of each episode, there is a great line, "My beloved, prepare to die!" 2 ninja clans are in a bitter feud. There was a covenant of peace imposed on them, the covenant has been broken because the head guy Ieyasu Tokugawa of all people, wants the strongest among them to succeed a title. He has 10 ninjas from each side kill each other, which clan remains standing, is the winner. Of course the clans Koga and Iga couldn't have been happier, they are seething with hate for each other, now is their chance to obliterate their enemies, a little like battle royale. But the heirs of the respective clans love each other and it seems that the heirs are the only ones strong enough to kill each other. Good stuff, not for the faint hearted.

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