Thursday, January 05, 2006


Food blogging

I like to see pictures of great food. I do not care much for elitists in like the LA Times write a rather disrespectful article about food blogs. Seriously what would the writer rather have, a Chef of a five star restaurant writing about food which by the way there are blogs like that. If people want to write on how they much love bacon on their personal website, all power to them. All the more power, if people read the blog. Wondering about the personalities of people who go gaga for bacon, or weird food or about vietnamiese food is silly. The one thing that the internet has reminded us is that everyone is unique. I know it is cliche but it is true, we are all unique. Before the internet, this fact was not brought to light often except for the weird stories now and then in the media. The internet has allowed people to express themselves uniquely, that is hardly something to complain about in my book. That is human nature for you. I would rather people expressed themselves in their choices of food than some other unsavoury means.

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