Wednesday, January 04, 2006



Who here is tired of wimpy women? of weeping women perhaps? or girls who supposedly are strong but keep getting their arses kicked or raped? maybe women who are in constant need of saving? Then Noir is the anime for you. Dude, the main characters in Noir, Kikura and Mireille are cold-hearted bitches, just way the I like it. Though it is mostly gunplay, more in the style of John woo but with no blood at all. People seem to complain that there is lack of blood in the series, yes true. But people die like flies in the series not only that the series does not have a happy ending. And Mireille's legs are too die for, hmm, hmm imaginations, imaginations.
A lot of flashbacks are used, which get annoying especially when they are the same flashbacks. The soundtrack is superb. I do not care much for the beginning and ending song. The music is haunting, the mix of an operatic voice and techno is exquisite. For all ya opera singers out there, may I suggest you mix your voices with metal or techno, it would sound hauntingly beautiful.
The action is great, these women are COOL. Note that is not something you can say for anime females in shounen a lot.
The pacing is slow and the backstory is tortuous . I just say sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

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