Sunday, January 01, 2006


random assortment of anime

Rozen Maiden: cute anime, about dolls and a frightened middle school boy. It is cute and nice.

Now and then, Here and there: it is okay. I was not fan of it. A boy gets sucked into a hellish world of psycho villains, child soldiers and lack of good water, what is it with the lack of water theme in dystopias? The boy is stereotypical anime male, brash, courageousness, protector of women, and has to save the day. The main female character at least does not cry, but she does need a lot of protecting. The bad guy is annoying, he should have been drawn and quartered. The series was not boring.

Hundred Stories,
Kosetsu Hyaku Monogatari: This is the series I was rather happy with. It is a horror series, the drawing is very stylish, i liked it. My complaint, the series last 13 episodes, which is too short. Not because I needed more, but there needed to be more background and development. It features a young man who decides to collect a hundred stories, as a change from writing children's riddles. He is not strong physically, but he is not a wimp, he can be an idiot sometimes. He falls into the company of 3 strange people who go around punishing people for their misdeeds. Misdeeds is a rather weak word here, it is more like the people are royally fucked up. They tend to be serial murderers with fucked up psyches, hence the horror element. I liked this series a lot, it is not for the faint hearted like basilisk.

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