Sunday, January 22, 2006


real reason why people prefer subbed vs dubbed anime

While I was watching a noir dub, I figured out why people prefer subs. The real reason is ANIME IS STUPID, plain and simple, anime is stupid. The dialogue is stupid. Listening to anime in english, only reminds us that anime is stupid. Stupid things sound cooler in japanese simply because we do not understand japanese. This rather dawned on me especially while I watched a Saiyuki dub where you hear lines like "Let us haul some demon-ass!". Watching a sub of saiyuki was not nearly as entertaining as watching the dub. The dialogue was stupid but fun. The dub was probably not a faithful translation but the liberties taken with script was funny because it was so retarded. Of course, I ask myself the question why oh why, me an adult would watch such a show. Lesson of the day, stupid things sound better in japanese.

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