Sunday, January 22, 2006



When I started watching saiyuki, I thought the show was stupid. Cliche characthers, bad drawing, plot development was harried and syrupy. The four main characthers grow on you. The only reason i watched it was because it was funny and bad. A monk, sanzo who is a royal asshole, a pretty boy, gojyo with red hair who likes to flirt and drink, a young boy, goku who likes to eat and is brash, another guy, hakkai who could pretty much pass for your mom are traveling to west to India to save the world so to speak. You can already see that the characther are overused cliches. The fights are not great, there is a noticeable lack of blood. The main bad guy is a woman who is a bitch but seems rather weak. There is nothing worse than a bitch who is physically weak in my book. The interaction between the foursome is great but repetitious. Between Goku endlessly proclaiming he is hungry and fighting with gojyo, and the monk ever so slightly come close to kill the two, out of frustration and hakkai being the mom, the show is funny. Of course being all anime guys, they excel in everything except being able to talk about what they feel towards to each other. It is an art, being able to show that one cares about someone and still being an asshole at the same time. I would say watch the anime for fun and don't be too critical about the artistry and the plot development.

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