Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Trinity Blood

Marathoned Trinity blood. I have to say I did not like the beginning episodes. The main character Abel was trying to be like Vash the stampede of Trigun, that is completely turn off. If you are going to be badass, be badass, don't be cute and badass. Besides Abel could not pull the act well. At least Vash was believable. The series got better, a lot better, although the development is uneven. There are vampires, nuns, priests, a pope, a badass vampire that feeds on other vampires and a host of characters with cool abilities. The ending was not great, it left more questions than answers.

Abel does try to be like Vash in the "no killing ethic" which works for a couple episodes and then completely falls apart. Personally I find the ethic repulsive, it betrays a certain arrogance. Note, I hated Trigun towards the end for that reason. Characters who believe such an ideal do not grow. As they find that such beliefs do not work because more innocent people die as a result, they become more and more tortured, take Vash for example. I am not sympathetic at all to their suffering, because I believe the suffering is misplaced. When someone decides to be "evil", he has forfeited the right not be killed in my book. When someone like Abel decides not to kill the evil person, that person places an impractical ideal over people's lives. One can say that the evil person may change because of kindness like in Trigun, so mercy is a good thing. I say, when you are rampaging lunatic, all measures need to be taken such that you are not threat anymore. Seriously, Abel does not think of crippling the opponent, you could shoot the arms or the legs, stop them in their tracks. His ethic allows to them to leave scot free, to destroy again. Of course the reason, such people can hold a worldview is because they think they are some God-like figure that saves everybody and protects everybody while everyone else are just cogs in the wheel with not ethical duties. With a view like, there is no room for belief in others and belief in the responsibility and free choices of other people.

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