Tuesday, February 14, 2006


What I like

As you all can see I prefer shounen. I am a sucker for swords or samurai crap. I am a sucker for blood. The only Shoujo I tried was Ayashi no Ceres, that left me with a bitter taste, never again! I do like some cute stuff, Zettai shounen and Rozen Maiden comes to mind. Given my perchant for shounen, I am tired of the typical anime male hero, I do not like how women are portrayed. I do not like brash people who shoot their mouth about saving the world and people. I like a bit of a hard-ass quality. People who do not care so much for saving world but following their own internal ethic. I can't stand supposedly strong anime females who are useless in a fight. I know they are supposed to give spiritual support or healing. Damn it, I want to see some bitches kick ass. Just give me BLOOD!


Peace maker Kurogane, Hellsing

I have gone through all of Peace Maker Kurogane, it is okay, people compare it Kenshin. I kind of prefer it to Kenshin. It has only 26 episodes, and it ended with a lot of undeveloped lines. Clearly it was intended to be a longer series. The main characther Tetsunuske is the typical shounen male, the annoying brash guy who tries to save everybody and fight above his ability. He would have annoyed me greatly, another naruto or worse another now and then, here and there. But he grows, which is important. He grows and learns unlike naruto. Fuck naruto never learns or grows.
I saw Hellsing. I want more, I want more, I want more. The series was damn good. I am starting to like the vampire genre incredibly.


Berserk anime

Okay found another anime that is equal to the gore fest to basilisk. This anime is relatively old, 25 episodes, from 1997. Be warned the anime only covers 12 vols of the manga, and ending in the anime leaves you wanting more. Although there is a lot of violence, unlike basilisk, the violence is not senseless, it does not leave you feeling empty. The main characther Gutts who carries a long-ass sword is a very good fighter. The anime is set in medieval Europe, Gutts is a mercenary who has had a life. The first episode is really the last episode in the series. Gutts gets himself part of mercenary band led by a charismatic guy, Griffith and assisted by a female commander Caska. Griffith is filled with visions of greatness, he feels he can ascend the heights, he uses his mercenary band to help win a 100-year war. In the beginning, Gutts is a loner who does not believe in anybody, towards the end, he is very much his own person, but he accepts friendship and companionship. Caska spent half the episodes trying to win the best groupie award for Griffith which is quite annoying. Caska hates Gutts at first because Griffith places an inordinate amount of trust in him which makes her jealous. But Caska grows, she becomes more mature and I liked her very much in the end. Being the only female in war band, the anime does a nice job of showing her physical strenght. But she does cry a lot actually but she gets her shit together. Griffith is of course the pretty boy commander whom everyone likes. I have to say there are couple of gay moments in the series . Particularly when Gutts leaves Griffiths after 3 years in the war band, Griffith seduces and sleeps with a virginal, naive princess, to placate his broken heart. I thought to myself, that is so gay, hell, it is cute too.
There is a rape scene in which Caska as a young girl is about to be molested. Griffiths the knight in shining amour comes to her defense. You would think he would smash the molester to bits. Get this, he throws a sword to Caska, and tells her, if she has something to protect, she should fight for it and of course she goes on to kill the would be rapist, her first kill, shaking with fear. I liked this particularly because this is a very unique angle on the whole guy saving the virginal girl angle. I cannot recall any anime or film in which the would-be rapist is not beaten to a pulp by the male hero. But here, Griffiths gives her the sword, leaving her to decide her fate in effect he treated her like a man. I was pleasantly surprised.
Yes there are disturbing rape scenes in the series. But I would say watch the anime because the characthers change and grow. This anime is seriously badass.

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