Tuesday, February 14, 2006


What I like

As you all can see I prefer shounen. I am a sucker for swords or samurai crap. I am a sucker for blood. The only Shoujo I tried was Ayashi no Ceres, that left me with a bitter taste, never again! I do like some cute stuff, Zettai shounen and Rozen Maiden comes to mind. Given my perchant for shounen, I am tired of the typical anime male hero, I do not like how women are portrayed. I do not like brash people who shoot their mouth about saving the world and people. I like a bit of a hard-ass quality. People who do not care so much for saving world but following their own internal ethic. I can't stand supposedly strong anime females who are useless in a fight. I know they are supposed to give spiritual support or healing. Damn it, I want to see some bitches kick ass. Just give me BLOOD!

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