Thursday, March 02, 2006


Brave woman criticising muslim protests of the danish cartoons on Al-Jazeera

This is a rather electrifying video clip of a woman named Wafa Sultan with no hijab and with short hair giving a daming critic of the muslim reaction to the danish cartoons. Watching it gave me goose pimples, I was elated. I wish we had more people like her, not excitable childish muslim organisations that see islamophobia in the cartoons blind to the intolerance in their own religion.
I can't get over how muslims in colleges expect not to be offended and we are supposed to cave in to their childish demands not to be offended. We have to be "sensitive", I mean this is bullshit. There is always some story of some college muslim organisation protesting islamophobia in the cartoons, so much so that no one can have a debate. Multiculturalists are such pussies, even worse self-serving relativistic pussies who are willing to sacrifice civil liberties on the altar of sensitivity.
People keep saying freedom of speech is not supposed to insult other religions or groups which of course is the stupidest thing I ever heard. If freedom of speech can't allow for burning sacred cows, why do we need freedom of speech? To talk about how lovely islam is ? It is the conservatives are defending the cause of freedom of speech. The left critique is always prefaced with a "but", but muslims are being discriminated against in Europe, but Europe generally has hate speech laws, but noone is allowed to deny the holocaust in Europe. Sure, does of any the caveats invalidate the principle of freedom of speech? The left will stand for everything except the core principles of civil liberties because there always has to be nuance. It is this nuance that irritates people because it is seen as spineless. You can't even defend your principles.

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