Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Oh anime!

I have not posted about anime in a while. So yeah I have seen a lot to the detriment to my life. I spent the whole night watching madlax did not get to bed until 7:30 am.
Madlax is a lot like noir but a less annoying. It still a bit repititive like noir and the music is not as great as in noir. I prefer madlax nonetheless.
Tenjou Tenge that was a guility pleasure, nothing I like best than seeing women with huge boobs in voluptuous clothing kicking ass. Although the anime is stupid.
Jubei chan is funny, although jubei herself is one annoying chick.
Bakuretsu Tenshi, this anime sucks. Ok Gonzo officially sucks. They can't come up with a good story or at least good characters but we are treated to women in voluptuous clothing acting like little girls. Even worse, the nipples show through the clothing, I think this is first anime I have seen that have nipples shown. At least we have a tomboy kicking ass but she goes on saving Meg rapages. Meg SHOULD JUST DIE ALREADY, USELESS BITCH
Azumanga Daioh. Ok this anime is cute, but it is annoying. I can't watch more than 3 in a day without feeling like I am doing die from death of a 1000 cuteness.
Absolutely lovely xxxHOLIC anime. this is new but the colours in the anime are beautiful, the story line is great it is basically like hundred stories but a lot less macabre and a lot more cuteness thrown.
Blood+, start watching this if you haven't with I think is going be 50 episodes. This show is great. Basically revised vampire action, it is supposed to a creative take on Blood the last vampire movie.
I am tired but I have seen many more. Maybe I should start learning japanese, maybe not!


that Go thing again

Ok I spent time in the go club last night. Still not getting a hang of Go. I played 13X13 game with 3 stone handicap. I lost spectacularly. It was a fighting game. I spent a lot time being led around the the board. I do not give a lot of sente moves. I always get sucked in the life and death fights that involve large groups. I think life and death is fun, it is like a race. You feel so proud that you have secured life but that usually comes at the cost of the whole board analysis. Anyway, so I have a long summer ahead of me then.

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